Animal Crossing Trade Code Generator

Original by MooglyGuy / UltraMoogleMan

Ported to PHP by Gary Kertopermono
This is the online version of the Code Generator. With it you can generate several codes. However, some codes currently don't work. This version has aditional information.

Just choose what type of code you want. Then type the item number. You can find all the item numbers here:

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Include byte 1 in the checksum.
Byte 1:

Override byte 0:

The 0x7F character

The 0x7F character is a special character, in a way that it doesn't just appear on screen. If combined with another character, it can cause various effects, such as pauses and special texts (like time or date). It has also been the cause of most of the glitch codes, the lock-up and the no background music glitch in particular.

Add the 0x7F character

Be cautious when using this character. Some effects can damage your savegame!

Known effects:
0x00Pause, ignores the rest
0x01Locks controls
0x02New page
0x03Long pause
0x04Message break
0x05Unknown (three additional bytes)
0x08Unknown (three additional bytes)
0x09Unknown (three additional bytes)
0x0AUnknown (three additional bytes)
0x0BUnknown (three additional bytes)
0x20Day of the month
0x21Current hour
0x22Current minutes
0x23Current seconds(?)
0x24Unknown string
0x25Unknown string
0x26Amount of Bells
0x27Unknown string
0x28Used Memory Card Slot
0x29Unknown string
0x2ALocks up game
0x2BUnknown string
0x2CUnknown string
0x2DUnknown string
0x2ESelected option (uncertain)
0x30Unknown integer
0x31Unknown string
0x32Unknown string
0x33Given item (uncertain)
0x34First line of the password
0x35Second line of the password
0x36Unknown string
0x37Unknown string
0x38Unknown string
0x39Unknown string
0x3AUnknown string
0x3BUnknown string
0x40Unknown string
0x50Color modifier (two additional bytes)
0x56Play music (two additional bytes)
The two additional bytes determine which music gets played.
List of possible codes
0x95Locks up game
0xA7Locks up game

No data collected.